About Torridon Consultancy

Based in Cardiff city centre, Torridon Consultancy draws from a range of sector specialists to perform specific consulting projects tailored to customer requirements. Our consultants cover a wide range of specialist areas: legal, communications, security, petro-chemicals, management and finance. Torridon's consultants can perform a wide variety of tasks tailored to customer needs. From providing Risk Mitigation Planning prior to a new business development or ensuring compliance of an existing Business Continuity plan within a large organisation. We can help.

When it all goes wrong Torridon Consultancy are on hand to crisis manage, implement Emergency Planning and manage reputation. Disaster recovery strategies can help your business survive even the most challenging of threats.

Ethos: Torridon Consultancy provide a discrete and professional service. We realise the intrusive nature of the risk analysis process and aim to instil the utmost confidence in our clients from the start.